What is Your Personal Vision? Do You Even Have a Personal Vision?

What is Your Personal Vision? Do You Even Have a Personal Vision?

Sep 15
What is Your Personal Vision? Do You Even Have a Personal Vision?


If you don’t have a clear personal vision you may find you do not have a good enough reason to get out of bed every day. You may end up getting into a cycle of idleness without a strong personal vision to motivate yourself.  Idleness occurs when your life lacks any real forward progress or accomplishment and before you know it you stagnate. This leads to emptiness and sluggishness in every part of your life.

Your vision does not have to be a pie in the sky one in order to avoid this sense of sluggishness however, you need to be disciplined and focused on progress and movement rather than staying stuck in one place.

Creating a personal vision will give you the motivation to climb out of the murky rut of mediocrity and blast this “idleness” out of your life forever.

To help you create a personal vision that will push you towards success, firstly keep in mind that everything we do in life has a payoff and the payoff can be both good and bad.  Sometimes people chose bad habits in order to fill the void in their life. Think of changing these bad habits into a positive outcome.

Perhaps you are currently suffering financial hardship, with the payoff being that you do not have sufficient funds to start the business you have always dreamed of. You may feel yourself trapped and this may be the excuse you are looking for to not face your fear of failure or success.  You need to ask yourself if you are willing to continue to settle for idleness in your life or if you are really willing to form a personal vision that will get you out of that rut you are in. Turn that negative into a positive by having a clear vision. Take action to solve the funding problem and take positive action and start that business. Have a clear vision of that business as a massive success and that will motivate you to find the solution to your funding problem.

Unless you have a clear personal vision you will not be motivated to change anything in your life until you have a strong enough reason to do so.  This vision must be so compelling and empowering that you will do everything you need to in order to achieve it. Once you do, it is just a matter of “choice” to implement into action the steps necessary to get you there.

Keep your vision in plain sight every day so your mind will work towards its obtainment.  Read it to yourself several time a day and vow to keep moving toward it no matter what.


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