Using Social Media To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

Using Social Media To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

Oct 29
Using Social Media To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

Unless you have been living on another planet or been living in an isolated jungle for the last several years you must have noticed the massive potential in using social media to build a network marketing business. With the massive numbers now using Facebook and Twitter, along with the ever growing use of LinkedIn and Pinterest, network marketers have huge markets to tap into that are right in front of them.


Why Should You Be Using Social Media for Network Marketing?


Well of course you do not have to tap into the massive social media numbers to build your network marketing business, there are other ways of tapping into the online market such as paid advertising, submitting videos or blogging. However, you may end up overlooking a massive audience of people that can be the traffic to your blog, videos or ads.


Prospect where the people are online which is Social Media


Today when people log onto the internet they do not just visit Google.  Mainly they are logging onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others to meet friends, play games, share ideas and solve problems. These social media sites provide places to interact, attract people and eventually share your business with like-minded people who want to join your network marketing business. So prospect where the people are by focussing on Social Media sites.


As For Old School Marketing Techniques Versus Using Social Media Strategies?


Stop using those activities which are able to be duplicated by using social media marketing methods. If you want to use videos in your marketing then start putting them on YouTube.


More and more people are getting online!


Why waste time looking for or chasing down prospects for your business in your local area when by prospecting online the whole world becomes available to you as potential prospects.

Save yourself time and increase your prospecting reach by developing your online social media presence thus encountering many more like-minded prospects in one day than you would find in a year of marketing in your local area. Stop wasting your time away from home doing these ‘silly’ types of activities, by utilizing social media to reach the massive market online and thus help grow your network marketing business.

You can flat out build your friendship base and reach more targeted prospects in less time using social media!


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