Train Your Brain To Think Critically

Train Your Brain To Think Critically

Feb 26
Train Your Brain To Think Critically

There are many types of tests being done to let us learn now that shows us how the brain is functioning and what makes us who we are.

Yet we know that we are only capable of using a small part of our brain.I believe it to be about 7%. That leaves 93% that we don’t have a clue about.

Nerve cells organize into intricate patterns, what is going on here? The detailed intricacies and networks mapped out in our brains suggest that we really do not know much and have many things to learn to further enhance our understanding of our brains.

Training the brain to think critically, a real possibility?

The one thing that is for sure is that we were not put here by accident! As we continue to make sense of our surrounding and our universe, it is becoming apparent that we still know very little about ourselves and the little intricate details of our inner workings that being mostly to do with the workings of our brain.

The steps we take towards understanding our brain remind us that our minds can be programmed as in brainwashed. This programming can either be positive or negative.Negativity can enter at will, whilst positivity needs to be encouraged to dominate the space in our head.

All of what we learn is designed to fill up our heads with what other minds think is important for us to know. We are simply taught what to think. It may be a form of imprisonment, a way of keeping that amazing potential under control by others. Fill it up with useless information and waste the greatness it really may have.

Train the brain to think critically

Training the brain how and what to think and not what to think. Fear is being invoked to be the enemy here, the fear of the unknown of what we cannot control. Yet it may be aspiring to understand and discover the truth something to be scared of and why.

If we approach our lives from an attitude of abundance and greatness for everyone, then there would be nothing to fear. We all have the potential and it is up to us to discover this. Once we find it, only then will we be free within and we can truly become the captain of our own ship.

How liberating, our minds will rise up into the heavens to unite with infinite intelligence.Imagine that! A surge of energy, as the thought of being in harmony with infinite intelligence and self confidence to make your dream come true..

Our thoughts and our desires can come true with the true belief in our ourselves and the ability to take action to make them come true. The training of the mind to think critically and positively is crucial to the success of your business and life.

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