Effective MLM Communication

Effective MLM Communication

Feb 12
Effective MLM Communication

Here are six levels of communication to attract clients andgrow your MLM business to the next levels…

Level one

A simple email asking the potential client to take some form of action. It sends out a basicand templated message, usually there is no interaction or feedback. Therefore this is the mostminimal form of communication you can achieve with your clients.

Level two

Is writing an actual physical letter to your potential MLM down line candidate.. This will showup in the potential MLM member mail box and is quite a bit more direct and personal. Yourfuture MLM member will feel a lot more inclined to open the letter and read the persuasivemessage contained within. It would be a lot harder for them to just hit the delete button and notthink twice about your effective MLM decision.

Level three

This where we start the two way street of communication, which has found to be very effectivein successful MLM careers. At this point, you should be starting to get some feedback and getstarted interacting with your future MLM down line. An example of this would be a simplephone call. You can listen, answer any questions, and meet their needs and address any concernsthey may have. This call should be very specific, direct, and really capture the potential memberof your MLM organization’s attention.

Level four

A video call can greatly help to obtain this two way communication and should result in morefeedback. The potential member can also pick up your tone and your body language in this way,which again opens a very important part of the MLM communication process.

Level five

At this level it becomes much more personal by actually meeting the potential member in yourMLM organization in person to build up a relationship. This provides you with the opportunityto build and grow your relationship. Try not to send them to a video or website once you meetthem in person. You should have already used this in the previous levels way before the actualmeeting with the potential member.

Level six

Organizing a breakfast or lunch meeting before hitting the office may be a great way to build upthe relationship. The meeting can become a bonding session in a comfortable location and willset up the foundation for a long and successful relationship.
These meetings will also let you get to know the potential member of your MLM organizationon a more personal level. Use this time to find out more of their likes and dislikes and make sureyou remember all that is being discussed at these valuable meetings. They will remember theexperience.
Follow these levels of MLM communication and you and your down line will be on your way toMLM success.

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