Collection My Favorite Inspirational Videos

Collection My Favorite Inspirational Videos

Aug 09

Here is a collection of some of my favorite inspirational videos that i have collected over time. I hope these videos inspire you like they have me!

This video changed my life in early 2008




Stay Young, Stay Foolish by Steve Jobs
The inspirational speech given by Steve Jobs to graduates at Stanford. Stay young. Stay foolish.

Any Given Sunday Speech by Al PAcino
Opportunity is all around us, just make a grab for it and make improvement inch by inch. Please forgive the swearing

“Failure” Nike Ad by Michael Jordan
If you tought you have to be perfect to be the best, just see how many times Michael Jordan ‘failed’.

Inspirational Speech by Dr. Randy Pausch On the Oprah Winfrey Show: The Last Lecture. Dr. Pausch Passed Away on July 25 2008. He will greatly be missed.

Rules for an Extraordinary Life

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